1. Rental is paid monthly in advance on the 1st of every month
  2. The lease term cannot be broken without incurring penalties including, but not limited to, the forfeiture of your deposit;
  3. The registration fee paid is non refundable, regardless of whether you take up the accommodation or not;
  4. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree that you are reserving a room that you may not have seen – there will be no refunds if you find the room unacceptable – however we will endeavour to place you in an alternative room, if any are available.
  5. By accepting the terms and conditions you are agreeing that you can financially afford the rental for the 10 month period as required;
  6. You agree that you are not on a waiting list for University Residence Accommodation on campus;
  7. Failure to make payment by the stipulated date will mean the loss of your booking of the room;
  8. By accepting the terms and conditions and making payment you agree to the House Rules that are in place governing the accommodation(refer them to our web-site).
  9. Other Lease Terms and Conditions do apply – please refer to “web-site” to download. You will be issued with a copy of our standard Terms and Conditions when you collect your key
  10. You will not be allowed to change rooms until 1 April. Where you voluntarily choose to change your room post 1 April, the cost to do so is R500.00
  11. Check your room inspection sheet carefully before signing the form as you are liable for all damages not reported before occupying the room.